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Contemporary Cast Iron and Steel Poles

These products are the result of the combined design and manufacturing capabilities of our brand GHM ECLATEC, leveraging 180 years of experience in creating products for cities.

The Classic Range is dedicated to referencing cities worldwide, showcasing our renowned expertise. Following that, the contemporary Tailor-Made Ranges seamlessly blend the timeless beauty of cast iron with modern designs.

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Inground and Under-Water Lighting

The illumination of underwater scenes and inground applications poses significant challenges, from preventing water ingress to ensuring the precise alignment of luminaires with the ground and managing heat in embedded electronics.

At LuxBuro, we have carefully selected brands with extensive experience in the field to address every possible challenge.

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Best In Class LED Drivers

ELDOLED Drivers are intelligent and programmable on-site, offering:

- Best dimming regulations at deep dimming levels.

- Smooth dimming with more than 20-bit resolution, eliminating step dimming.

- No flickering performance as per IEE1789.

- Right dimming curve.

- HD camera compatibility.

Additionally, the tunable white drivers, thanks to their built-in intelligence, can perform specific calibrations such as CCT range, dimming curve, and CCT curve.

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