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Contemporary Cast Iron and Steel Poles

These products are the result of a combination of the design and manufacturing capabilities of our Brand GHM ECLATEC. A know-how of 180 years of experience in designing and manufacturing products for cities.

The Classic Range is devoted to reference cities around the world demonstrating a renowned expertise. Then Comes the contemporary Tailor made ranges that combine the beauty of cast iron with modern designs.


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Wooden Poles

Aubrilam sources its raw material, wood, right beside the Arctic Circle, its slow growth gives the timber very fi ne annular rings that are extremely uniform and strong. The glued laminated timber shaft is certifi ed ACERBOIS GLULAM and produced with sawn planks from sustainably managed forests. - No chemical treatments have been used - All the wood waste from the plant is recycled.

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Inground and UnderWater Lighting

The Illumination of Underwater Scenes and Inground applications present great challenges from water ingress to precise alignment of luminaires with the ground to heat management of embedded electronics.

We at Luxburo have selected carefully brands that have long experience in the field in order to encounter every possible challenge.

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Best In Class LED Drivers

In Summary ELDOLED Drivers are intelligent , programmable at site that provides:

·        Best dimming regulations at deep dimming levels.

·        Smooth Dimming with more than 20 bit resolution, i.e no step dimming.

·        No Flickering performance as per IEE1789.

·        Right Dimming Curve.

·        HD Camera compatibility.


The Tunable White Drivers ,thanks to the Built-in Intelligence, are able to perform specific calibration e.g. CCT range, dimming curve, CCT curve.

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Smart Street Furniture

From Smart Shelters, Smart Benches, Multifunctional Poles, Car Charging Stations, Smart Litter Bins, to Smart Planters: we cover an array of services via connected, made-to-measure street furniture that constitute the backbone of smart cities.


Our Bundle to  Developers and City Planners includes:


·        Customization: their own furniture package: sensors, USB ports, camera, etc.

·        Maintenance: Measurement of filling rate of bins, Humidity of a planter, etc.

·        Security: Fire detection, surveillance cameras, etc.

·        Information can be sent to users (geolocating, bus times, special offers, etc.).

·       Data gathering: Flow of people, air quality, etc.


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